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Kevin Williamson

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A Few Words From Kev

I'm just a normal guy who used to work in engineering. I didn't know anything about running an online business, but here I am today...
I have multiple online businesses and world-wide network of partners...and now I'm teaching others how to do the same!

Why did I change? I've always dreamed to starting my own business, but I thought I'd drawn a short straw. My family didn't have money for me to go into higher education, so on my 16th birthday I started work.

Surrounded by the wrong mindset, I thought the only way to get more money was to work longer hours.

Over the years I did things the hard way. Promotions leading to longer hours, and a total loss of work/life balance. Until in 2009 I received the ultimate pay-back for all my hard work...Unemployment.

Out of a job, and succumbing to chronic muscular fatigue in 2010, I knew that I needed to make some serious changes. And I was the only one who could make those changes.

Things always get worse before they get better right?

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And Today's Mission?

With my global partners, we're on a mission to change lives. To create as many self-powered millionaires and six-figure earners as we can by 2020.

We want to be the change agents in the new economy...the fastest growing re-balancing of employment and education since the industrial revolution.

A re-balancing where you educate yourself to be self-reliant, and self-accountable. To work from where you want; to be with your family, to be in control of your own time, and your own schedule. To work based on delivery, not on hours...where your performance counts, not the hours you spend on a task.

To do that you need to leverage global businesses, partnerships, and education.

Finally, you're going to be paid what you're worth, not what other people decide.

Welcome to your new business.

It's only a 30 minute call away...

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