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10X Your Profits With These Simple Tests To Improve Your Conversions & Sales

Written by Kevin Williamson on January 15th 2017

Welcome to Day 4 of the LifeStyle Leverage System (Testing & Tweaking).

In the last few days of the bootcamp, you have learnt...

How to put together a simple system that can help you sell pretty much ANYTHING you want online and make $5000 - $10,000+ a month as soon as possible.

How to launch it by getting traffic & calculate your numbers to hit your monthly goals.

Today we are going to teach you how to test and tweak your system so that you can start making sales which will allow you to turn your monthly income target into a reality (profits).

Here’s something you need to know:

Once you setup a system and run the traffic, THINGS WILL RARELY WORK OUT THE WAY YOU WANT.

Get this in your head.

You may make some sales or no sales but rarely will you be absolutely profitable.


Because your system hasn’t been optimised.

Its new. Its unique. Its well created.

Its JUST NOT fine tuned.

And doing that is your job.

Its something that NEEDS to be done.

I have made hundreds of thousands but when we create a system, we rarely expect everything to click perfectly. We test and tweak and GET IT to work perfectly eventually.

So how do we do it?

Here’s how.

First you need to keep the traffic running. The traffic must be from a quality source (like Facebook) or must be from multiple sources like (banner ads on different sites or email promos on multiple lists).

Next you need to test out the following processes:

  • Email Capture Process
  • Front End Sales Process
  • Follow Up Process

Testing & Tweaking The Email Capture Process

This one is fairly straight forward. 

If you are generating traffic but its NOT converting into leads at a good rate, then you need to keep testing different lead capture pages till you get it right. 

You need to test out your lead magnet (the free stuff you are offering – whether that’s something people want) 

You need to test out the headline of your capture page 

And if you have bullet points, then you need to test out those too. 

Here’s an example of a successful lead capture page:

You have to keep tweaking it till you get some reliable numbers.

For example, for solo ads, a good conversion rate from visitors to leads is 30%+. 

For pay per click ads (Bing, Facebook, Youtube, etc), a good conversion rate is 20%+. 

There may be exceptions but if you are using a simple headline, free gift, optin form in your lead capture page (like above), these should be your numbers.

Testing & Tweaking The Front End Sales Process

This part is where most people get emotional and screw up big time. 

Here’s the thing: 

The front end product (entry level) that you sell to your leads must have a great sales page and great demand. 

The demand part is MORE important than sales page. 

If your front end product is something that your leads AREN’T quite crazy about, then you will make lesser sales no matter how great the sales page is or how awesome the lead quality is. 

Fact is that some front end products convert better than others. 

They are more in demand than others. 

Your leads buy them more easily than others. 

A front end product (as we have already taught you) has 2 goals:

  • To turn your leads into customers who after consuming your product are likely to go for deeper solutions aka backend sales (which is where the profits are)
  • To generate cashflow so that you can recoup your traffic costs and get more leads

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So when you are generating traffic and you are GETTING leads, you need to test out which front end products work the best. 

First you are testing the demand. 

Then once you find a product that sells easier than others, you can simply tweak its sales page to get MORE and MORE conversions (which means more customers, more cashflow and more profits via the backend sales). 

Do this right and you will see that your leads turn into customers at a great rate. 

Now moving on to the third part

Testing & Tweaking The Follow Up Process

Here’s the thing. 

Once you generate quality leads and promote a quality product (that they want and need), you are going to make sales no matter what. 

HOWEVER if you want to maximize your sales, then emails come into the picture. 


Consider emails like dynamic sales letters.

Every single day, you should be sending out an email to your list targeting a particular angle of your product. 

That email should have value as well as entertainment and selling incorporated in it. 

When your leads read your regular emails, you will build a strong relationship with them which will lead to sales. 

While emails work in a collective way to make sales, you have to understand that some emails perform better than others. 

Some will simply help you get more sales than others. Some may never make any sales whatsoever nor will it resonate with your audience that much. 

So what you have to do is keep sending out different kinds of emails and testing what works and compile a set of emails that work the best for you (sales point of view). 

Once you have that, you can add them at the top of your follow up sequence in your autoresponder so that your leads get to read your best and most powerful emails at first. 

This leads to:

  • Better Relationship
  • Quicker Sales
  • Quicker Cashflow Generation
  • More Backend Sales

Now email marketing is a whole world in itself. 

Some emails may flop in one case but work marvelously in another case (due to the trust built) but we don’t want to complicate the whole process. 

Let’s keep it simple. The more you do, the better you will understand. 

For now, just send out different emails and see the response and keep the best emails. 

Send out 1 new email to your list daily and keep building the relationship. 

Remember, when your audience trusts you and you are promoting a product that they want, even the weaker emails will start producing sales down the road. That’s the beauty of email marketing. 

In addition to all this, here are a few more ways to test your funnel and add conversions:

Conversion Booster #1 – Webinars

If you want to make sales rapidly, then simply conduct a webinar.

A webinar is nothing but an online seminar where you ask your leads to register for the event and show up at a certain time. There are tools out there using which you can conduct a webinar. 

In the webinar, you make a killer presentation with tons of value and then promote an offer at the end and close the sale. You can even do question and answers at the end of the webinar which increases conversions.

Conversion Booster #2 – Strategy Sessions

Offer valuable strategy sessions for your leads and conduct the sessions via phone or Skype. 

During the session, get to know them, their problems and where they need help with and suggest a good plan of action for them along with whatever offer you want to promote. 

You will make sales.

Conversion Booster #3 – Facebook Chat

Ask your leads to friend you up on FB.

This will allow them to see the real you.

Plus you can interact with them via Facebook chat and close them.

You will make a good amount of sales.

Now this is how you test and tweak your system to get it to turn your leads into sales.

Once you get customers, you can upsell them other backend products too (by using the same strategies like email follow up, webinars, strategy sessions, etc).

Either you can do this on your own or you can join a program like Max Income that sells all the backend products for you. They have a phone team who will close sales and take care of everything.

This could be just one of your income streams.

Going to back yesterday’s bootcamp regarding the numbers:

Your target goal promoting a series of products - $10,000 per month

Average customer value - $500

This means you need 20 customers per month to hit your goal.

If you generate 30 leads a day, you would generate 900 a month.

At 1 front end (entry product) sale for every 45 leads, you will hit 20 sales a month.

Now add in the backend products these customers will buy and you will make $500 per customers which means $10,000 (for the 20 customers you generated).

Ok, that's enough for today.

Tomorrow, we are going to reveal the final lesson of this bootcamp.

Its all about how to MASSIVELY SCALE UP your business.

How to take a good 6 figure business into 7 and 8 figures.

Stay tuned.

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