How To Harness The Power Of Attraction

In today’s world, people have more unrestricted access to information, entertainment together with other content than in any other time in history. Although that is great for people looking to be well informed, educated or entertained, it can present many challenges for online marketers looking to capture the largest possible audience. That’s simply because there’s more competition out to get your target audience than ever before. So if the content you’re using to draw visitors to your website isn’t interesting, cutting edge or exciting, you’re going to have a tough time getting people to visit or remain on your pages once they land there.

1. Would You Be Engaged By Your Content?

A good place to start in determining whether the content you’re providing is vital and appealing for your audience would be to consider whether you would be interested in your posts or pages if you were an outside visitor looking for content inside your niche. Why would you be drawn to your content? What exactly are you offering your readers that they can’t get elsewhere? How are you communicating to your core audience that the content you are offering is distinct, compelling and engaging? Think about these questions and then identify the areas where you are unable to fulfil your own standards. Those are the areas you should focus on repairing.

2. Be Controversial…But Not TOO Controversial!

If you wish to attract eyeballs, you must have something to say. Choose topics within your niche which might be “hot” issues. Visitors arrive on your pages having their own opinions, but if you have something relevant and insightful to divulge on a current event or perhaps a controversial issue within your niche, they are going to want to read it. Yet it is best to temper your words so that you don’t get carried away, otherwise you risk turning your readers off. Avoid extreme views or radical arguments. You can and should take a stand according to your beliefs, knowledge and experience, but avoid giving the sense that you are close-minded or fanatical. Visitors to your pages prefer to feel as if they are participating in a conversation, not listing to some diatribe or monologue. Invite others to share their thoughts and let them know you value what they say. That way they are going to be more likely to revisit your pages later.

3. Sex Sells

There’s no way around it: Sex sells. It’s fundamentally the way we are hard-wired as humans. We are enticed by anything that turns us on or stimulates our sexual curiosity. Obviously, this is an element that successful marketers have been aware of since the beginning of time – or at least the beginning of advertising. If you want to attract more visitors to your website, look for methods to ratchet up the sex appeal – even when your subject matter doesn’t ordinarily lend itself to being sexuality. Sexy images can also be always a huge draw, especially when they are employed tastefully. Consider what your core audience wants, then give it to them.

4. Mimic the Most Successful Sites in Your Niche

With Online marketing, there’s usually absolutely no reason to reinvent the wheel. Conduct a bit of research to determine what the most successful marketers are doing in your niche, then steal the best ideas and add your own twist to make them you own. Obviously, you should not plagiarise or do anything unethical. But you can certainly discover the most successful themes and topics and put your personal spin on them in order to capture more visitors. Observe market forces to recognise what the public wants, then provide them with it. One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is its global scale and universal timeliness. Whatever niche you happen to be working in, there are certainly to be hundreds – if not thousands – of other people competing for the exact same audience you are targeting. By offering your visitors compelling content that you would find interesting, focusing on issues that fanatics of your niche have strong opinions about, injecting sex appeal wherever and whenever possible, and stealing the best ideas from the most successful marketers in your niche, you can select topics that draw more traffic to your website.

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4 Ways To Attract New Website Visitors Today
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4 Ways To Attract New Website Visitors Today
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