Email marketing is a service that can have great benefits…

…for anyone from a part-time blogger to small or large business owners. For many years it’s no longer been reserved for people with big budgets, and if you are not currently using one then may be it is time to reconsider.
There are hundreds of email marketing software services available that specialise in different areas. Choosing the right one may prove to be difficult, whether you are new to this kind of marketing or already an expert.

But before you choose the right software for your business, you have to first decide if you are willing to do the full cycle marketing yourself, or you want to completely outsource the task to a third-party marketing agency. Having a combination of both is also possible.

If you are a busy person and you want to focus on other important things like developing your business, you can opt to outsource your email marketing campaigns. Reducing the time and effort on your part can result in gains in other parts of your business whilst scaling. The results of outsourcing your marketing campaigns may also be better because these third-party companies specialise in this kind of business. If you do your homework well, there are also opportunities to be had with services that cost you much less.

However, doing full cycle marketing yourself also has its own set of advantages. Since you are the one doing it, you have full control over the whole process. You can do whatever you think is best and it provides you more flexibility. When talking about long-term benefits, doing the marketing yourself can prove to be cheaper than paying your outsourcer regularly.

In case you decide on doing the full cycle marketing yourself, you would need to choose a good email marketing software to help you in your task. As there are hundreds of software around, it may be difficult to find the good one.

Tips on Picking the Right Ones

To guide you in choosing the right email marketing software that will work best for your campaign, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Buy software that has its own specialisation. Yes, it may be cool to buy a software that can do a lot of things in one package. However, it is not always what you want because it may not be able to do best what you really want it to do. These all-in-one software can be complicated to operate most of the time, since understanding all the functions and benefits can be a drown out process.

Email marketing has several segments, from getting email addresses, managing them, creating messages, sending the email and analysing the results. Thus, it is really best to choose a software that specialises and focuses its functions on email marketing itself.

2. Choose a software that can easily be incorporated with other mass mailing software and email marketing services. It should also be not vendor specific.

3. Pick a software that is simple to use and will work for most computers. The software that you choose should also not require any additional applications or hardware for it to run properly.

4. A good email marketing software should also be something that will allow you to pause or terminate the application even in the middle of the process. It may not sound significant at first, but in the long run when your marketing volume increases, you will realise the importance of that feature.

5. Email marketing is a dynamic process. It is ever changing and rapidly growing in the marketing arena. If the software that you are looking to purchase is the product of a company that actually specialises in Movie Players, then it may not be the best to choose. This software may not be able to keep up with the rapid pace of the industry. Thus, it is best to buy from a company that specialises in email marketing.

These things are just some guidelines to give you an idea of what should a good email marketing software be. You can read reviews of these software from different sites to know what their pros and cons are.

Make a list of a number of software that you think will work for you. Then try to search for more reviews about them. Knowing what their users say about the product will give you an idea how the product works.

Try to also check if the software has a free trial version. If so, take that opportunity to try the product and get the feel of it. This will help you decide better on choosing the best software that will do its job and one that is user-friendly as well.

Keeping It Scaled to Your Needs

Recommendations for Bloggers

If you are only in need of: Collecting visitors email addresses Sending confirmations, and Broadcasting your Newsletters then why not incorporate it into your blog?

Using a simple WordPress plugin like MailIt will ensure good deliverability, as it’s coming directly from your own dot com and not a mass-mailing server.

There are also no re-occurring monthly costs; something that puts many bloggers off using an email responder service, and consequently blocking their development.

Small/Home Businesses

If you are developing your own business and need a service that will allow you to scale, then GetResponse may be for you.

Starting with a free trail month, whilst initially more expensive, GetResponse allows you to grow without too much pain. Costs are incurred per email and not per list, as with Aweber. So if a recipient has bought several products from you and appears on five lists, you still only get charged one fee for storing his email. The Aweber service, whilst starting cheaper, would charge you five times for the same email address on five lists, making it an expensive longer-term option.

So, there is a quick round-up of email autoresponder services to kick-start your campaigns going into the New Year. I hope it adds value, and be sure to ask questions in the Facebook Group if you need advice from other users.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Email Marketing Software
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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Email Marketing Software
What to take into consideration when choosing an email marketing software, and How to find a cost-effective service scaled to your needs.
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