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From: Kev Williamson, Founder of Online Business Leverage

Yes, you can read it again...

but it's going to say the same thing.


One single, solitary US Dollar, and...

I'm even going to say "Sorry" right now for asking you to pay me.

When you read all the way to the bottom I'll explain my apology.

A Swiss Army Knife
for Your Online Business

I have some GOOD News for you.

Like a proverbial Swiss Army Knife, our
Core Training is going to give you

  • The Knowledge You NEED To Have

Reducing your wasted time spent on

  • The "Things" that are NICE To Have

When you part with the price of a bad cup of McDonald's coffee, I'll be gifting you the Critical Core of the reactor that's going to power your business.

It will allow you to:

  • Shortcut Your Learning Curve
  • Talk With Authority
  • Master Key Areas of Online Business

And more importantly:

  • Save You Wasted Time And Money

It will give you a Core of Understanding
that will allow you to pursue any online Income Stream.

You'll be able to move forward confidently,
knowing that you're well-versed to grow and scale.

Do You Ad-Lib?

Did you rehearse for your business?

Did you think it through...?

Did you start with a plan, or do the words
"Ad-Lib" ring in your ears?

Can you hear Boni Jovi playing
"Living on a Prayer" in the background,
every time tech support says
"You need to set-up a Cron Job".

Don't be ashamed if the answer is "Yes".

That's exactly what I used to hear,
and it's what exactly what many people
are hearing right now.

But that's over for you now.

And I'm going to explain to you why...

I'm Done 'Ad-Lib'-ing

Bouncing Around

We know that most people are "Bouncing Around".

They're burning through energy, carried away in the flow, drowning under a tidal wave of Inbox debris that's sucking them away from the safe haven of profit and success.

Being hung, drawn and quartered by the next best thing, whilst they're struggling to keep their eyes on the prize.

And the results?


We'll Break Your Bounce

So here's your soft landing.

We're going to soak up the impact, and take the ricochet out of your rebound.

We'll put some structure into your online business, making you a better decision maker.

Someone that's able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and act on instinct rather than impulse.

You're going to do that simply and easily, today, when you unlock my video vault.

You're the one holding the key, and you can unlock it today.

If you'd like us to...

  • Part the waves in a sea of Income Streams
  • Sail you into a sunset of Traffic
  • Float you above the fog of Social Media
  • Wade you majestically into the waves of Website jargon

Well, just read on.

Inside this Video Vault, you're going to activate your creative juices, boost your confidence, solidify your Core Skills, and flood yourself with a wealth of ideas to grow your business over the next 5 years.

All that Starts Today.


I'll Start Today

If that makes sense, you should give yourself some credit and spend $1.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, then you're welcome to hear me out?

Secret Sauce

Before I attempt to grapple this paltry investment from your tightly-clenched, ligature-crushing grip, I'd like to ask you a question.

Did you ever wonder why successful internet Gurus always start with lines like...

"After years of struggling online, I finally found the Secret Sauce..." ?

Well, here's why....

Here's their Dirty Little Secret.


  • Struggled with the basics
  • Became Frustrated when simple things didn't work
  • Couldn't figure out what they Needed
  • EVEN worse, couldn't figure out what they DIDN'T Need
  • Couldn't find Traffic
  • Were confused about Social Media
  • Were pissed when their Website got Hacked
  • Were even more pissed when they hadn't got a Back-Up Copy
  • Were getting social media accounts Shut Down because of Affiliate Links

Do I need to go on?

They use that line, because it's exactly how it was!

Maybe you can relate to some of those things.

I know I can.

So BEFORE they found their "Secret Sauce", they all went through the same pain and heart-ache as everybody else.

Please End My Heart-Ache

So here's the thing...

Just like them,

Just like me,

and now Just like you,

...that's what we all look forward to.

Years of hair-pulling, head-scratching,
and sleepless tossing and turning,
coupled with snide comments from Friends and Family...

...whilst you're trying to figure out What it is that's making things so complicated.

But don't worry.

In 3 or 4, maybe 5 years, you'll have it all figured out and you'll finally be able to start earning some money online.

You'll be the happiest, and possibly the loneliest, person on planet Earth.

But you'll have some cash in your back pocket, and that's going to feel great!

Why is it Like that?

Well it's like that for a couple of simple reasons.

  • You'll understand Some of the things, Some of the time
  • You'll Never understand All of the things, All of the time

That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

We master some things, and we suck at the rest.

As Entrepreneurs say:

  • We can do Anything
  • But we can't do Everything

But that doesn't mean
you don't have to Understand them.

Because one day or another,
if you're not doing it yourself,
you'll be managing the people who are doing it for you...

So you sure as hell better understand what you're paying for.

Is There Another Way?

I thought there was...

After Sucking at lots of things,

after Buying too much 'stuff',

EVEN getting my server Hacked by a "support" team (!),

I decided I HAD to Change the way I worked.

So, I did something different to the 90%+ of people
who give up after only a few short months online.

But First, I stopped doing some things.


  • Stopped looking for the next 'must have' thing
  • Stopped clicking on every email link
  • Stopped taking advice from social media
  • Stopped visiting online forums

And this is the ONE thing I STARTED doing:

  • Went to SPEAK to the Gurus

I got up out of my chair, and physically went to see them.

Instead of sitting at my computer buying new software every other day, I bought VIP tickets for their events.

I spent Thousands of Dollars, so I could:

  • Speak to them in Person
  • Eat Lunch with them
  • Ask them Questions
  • Listen to their Answers
  • Listen to their Successes
  • Listen to their Miserable, Spirit Crushing Failures
Show Me What I Can Learn

And the "Results"?

Well, I found out many things,
about many different areas of business on the Internet.

But some things were repetitive, throughout...

  • Whatever niche of the Internet they're in now,
  • Whatever Speciality they have now,
  • Whatever Products they have now,
  • Whatever Software they have developed now,
  • Whatever Systems they have now,

They all started out:

  • Wasting Time on Income Streams they couldn't get moving
  • Struggling with Website Tech
  • Fighting to find Traffic
  • Distracted and Stumbling through Social Media
  • Pouring Money Down The Drain Buying Services They Didn't Need

So competitive spirit, motivation, and perseverance aside, they went through the same things as all of us.

It's how they handled it that was different...

Every single one of them recruited coaches, at each stage of their business.

At some point...their "Turning Point",

they recognised their weaknesses and dealt with them.

They Stopped:

  • Fumbling Through
  • Leaving it to Chance
  • Hoping for the Best
  • Thinking it would "Just Get Better"
  • Harbouring Thoughts of Quitting

And They Started:

  • Looking for Help
  • Getting Educated
  • Mastering the Basics
  • Understanding Before Acting
  • Taking Back Control

What Happened Next?

The first thing I did was may seem a little rash to you, but let me explain and you'll understand why.

I paid them 10's of Thousands of Dollars!

Sound's crazy?

Listen on...

If I was to sit alone at my computer for the next 10 years there's a good chance I would never replicate the sort of success theses people were having.

  • I would never be able to sink Millions into an Advertising Campaign "Just to see what's working"
  • I would never have my "Finger on the Pulse" with every Twist and Turn in the Internet
  • I would never have their Level of Understanding of how to move my business forward

And let's not forget...

  • Years of Lost Income
  • Feelings of Failure
  • Family Arguments
  • Dented Pride

But when I invested in them,

The Moment My Cheque Cleared...


  • Personal Access to Them
  • Access to Their Teams
  • Access to Their Results
  • Access to Their Advertising Campaigns
  • Access to Their Product Ranges
  • Access to Their Elite Training Programs
  • More Ideas Than I Could EVER Imagine in My Lifetime

I literally turned 10 Years of "Maybe I'll Get Lucky"

into "Today I Have a Plan, the Tools, and the Training!"

and It's Backed By Millions of Dollars worth of Investment being SPOON FED to me Every Day.

Sound Crazy Now?

Would I expect you to do something like that?

Absolutely not.

But I tell you to emphasise a point: LEVERAGE

Why fumble about in the dark looking for a light switch...

...When you could just ask someone to turn the light on for you.

And why stumble from one thing you don't understand, into another thing you don't understand...

...When you could ask someone how it works!

I Want Leverage

So, I Made A List!

Now I had Free Time on my hands...

Whilst my new Mentors were doing the heavy lifting for me, it gave me more time to get back to basics.

Starting with the list from my "GURU RESEARCH"

Let's call it:

"My List of Things Gurus Sucked At"

(You know that I'm really talking about Me, but it used to be Them, and I'm guessing you could feel in the same boat at times)

Well the list was long.

Boy, those guys had been kicked about all over the internet.

  • Black and Blue from the Google "Sand Pit"
  • Ripped-Off by Disappearing Developers
  • Money Pouring into Black Holes of Wasted Effort
  • Launching Income Streams They Didn't Fully Understand
  • Taking 4% Commissions, When They Could Have Got 40%

I was glad I decided to let them take the burden for me.

Just trying to put some kind of order into my list was punishment enough.

But I wasn't going to Sit on the Sidelines and let all this suffering go to waste.

I had to turn it into something Positive.

After months of fine tuning,
months of seeking advice,
months of guidance by my coaches,
I finally came up with the 4 Core Training Modules
that you see on this site today.

After almost 12 months of research,
backed up by the years of torment
my mentors had been through,
I finally put together a Core Package.

Something that would people some great visibility on:

  • Income Streams
  • Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Website Tech

The 4 Main Pain Points that came to the Top of the List.

I had a Foundation Course.

  • Something That Would Shortcut Your Learning Curve
  • Something That Would Solidify Your Core Skills
  • Something That You Could Build From

...allowing you to make better decisions,
waste less money,
and let you talk with confidence
about subjects that were a mystery only weeks before.

Unlocking Your Vault

So let's get more specific.

When the hinges of your Video Vault swing open, when the hefty lid of success gets lifted back, what's it going to reveal?

Let's go Step-by-Step.

Unlock My Vault Now

Discover Your Income Streams

You'll know where and how to look for products and profit.

You'll look at models that work on
Low Value Products with High Volume,
and ones that work on
High Value Products with Lower Volume.

Most importantly, you'll see the steps involved and so you can understand the investment necessary - both in money and time.

  • 16 Courses in the Income Streams Module

You'll be able to study:

  • Niche Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Video Niche Blueprints
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Drop-Shipping
  • High Ticket
  • Website Flipping

Embrace Traffic Sources

You'll get over 50 sources from us straight off the bat!

Plus strategies for increasing Organic Traffic, including a Streaming Traffic walk-through.

You'll never be short of Traffic Sources.

  • 8 Courses in the Traffic Module

People complain all the time about a Lack of Traffic.

But when you ask them to be more specific...

...They use Google, Facebook, and maybe Bing.

Hmmm, not very imaginative...

That's not Lack of Traffic, that's Lack of Effort.

But not you!

You're going to have a list of targets, and the know-how!

More Profit On Social Media

Sounds so easy, "Social Media".

But they're all different...

Different rules, different profile styles, and most importantly,
...Different ways of making profit from them.

  • Marketing Masterclasses on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, + Facebook LIVE!

Your new Masterclass Courses will guide you through social media marketing,
whether you...

  • Don't Know Where to Start
  • Want to Scale onto Another Media
  • Need to Optimise your Profiles
  • Need a Management Tool to Save Time

Conquer Website TechPhobia

Ever seen a Master Marketer go from $20K per month to ZERO overnight?

Believe me, it happens.

You can have thousands of leads, great products, links all over social media churning customers into fantastic value-adding content...

But the day you get hacked, just because you didn't put some effort into securing a few setting here and there...Ouch!

Game Over, at least until you spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage.

So get this.

In less than 15 minutes, you can:

  • Hide Your Login Page
  • Stop Wrong-Doers Browsing Your Files
  • Lock Down Critical File Access
  • Set-Up Off-Site Secure Back-Ups
  • Get Emails When You Website is Under Attack

AND, much, much more...Including a plan in place ensure you get Up & Running Rapidly again should the worst happen.

All of that can be done using the world best loved Free Website Platform...WordPress.

That's why our intensive 5 Part WordPress Course has over 40 Video Tutorials in it.

Starting from Buying your Domain, right up to integrating with PayPal to take secure payments through your own website.

  • 10 Courses

You'll also get a run-down of Low-Cost Resources to stop you spending too much Cash every month.

And become confident using Email Autoresponders with our Aweber and GetResponse guides.

So To Recap

  • The 4 Core Modules
  • Income Streams
  • Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Website Tech

1. Understanding Income Streams: walking through how they work before you start pouring money into them. Knowing where to find good products, and knowing how to find highly profitable products. Knowing which ones you want to use so that when the time is right you can start scaling with new ones. Knowing which ones just don't fit your agenda so you don't waste time and effort on them.

2. Multiplying Traffic: The more Traffic the more Customers. Knowing where the best traffic sources are and not wasting money on advertising that is poorly suited to your products. Knowing about new traffic sources so you can begin scaling on them when the time is right.

3. Mastering Social Media Marketing: Get the best out of your social presence. Managing multiple accounts with ease. Maximising your profiles to rapidly grow a following. Automating campaign that make sense and increase your productivity.

4. Demystifying Web Tech: Keep it simple, keep it safe. Understand your administration for domains and hosting. And be well prepared to make sure sub-contract techies don't pull the wool over your eyes if you decide to outsource.

So now it's time to Click the Button and move forwards

There's no more sitting on the fence,

No more wondering whether it's worth risking $1 to find out more.

The only thing you need now is my apology...

I ask for $1 because I need you to commit to yourself.

You have to have some faith in yourself. You have to invest in yourself. And you have to invest in your education to start elevating your game.

You didn't read all the way down here because you're bored.

You read down here because you want to learn.

Now you have your first lesson.

So I'm asking for $1...Sorry.

Get Me Started