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Facebook has to be one of the easiest social media sites to get going on and helps you reach the widest possible audience by attracting vast numbers of Facebook “Friends”. You most likely already have a personal Facebook page, but you will need to build a separate one for your business. This will become your business’ Facebook Page (what used to be better known as Fan Pages) . Whenever anybody on Facebook “Likes” your business’ page, they automatically become a form of “Friend” or “Follower”. Then, whenever you post a status update on your Page, Facebook will distribute it to your Fans/Friends. The more the merrier, because Facebook will limit the distribution to a percentage of your Followers.

Collect “Likes”

The success of your free Facebook marketing campaigns relies on your capacity to gain as many Fans as possible. Begin by sending invitations to “Like” your Page to the social media contacts on your personal Facebook page, like family, friends, and acquaintances. Visit your contacts’ Facebook home pages, note who their Friends are. Send invitations to their Friends, especially those who have a high amount of social media contacts. Have a look at what groups they are members of. Whenever they post a status update, always “Like” it and include a comment so you can develop your relationship with them and in consequence discuss or be more interactive with your Page.

Nurture Relationships with Passionate Followers

Consistency will be the key to developing interpersonal relationships with the Followers on your Facebook Page. Direct message them on Facebook or Twitter and make sure they know how much you enjoy their posts. Eventually, they will begin to pay attention to you, but don’t apply any pressure. Remember, you’re there to help people by fulfilling a need; be that advice, information, or a direct service. When you have nurtured a positive online relationship, you can send your Facebook Followers links to valuable content free of charge interspersed with periodic promotions for your services or products.

For example, if your niche is health and fitness, you could send them a link with a 30-day plan for six-pack abs. Ensure that the content you send is something your contacts will value and appreciate receiving from you absolutely free so that you can build a trust bond with them. This will subconsciously make them feel indebted to you so they will be more prone to promote future offerings from you to their social media network. Always encourage your contacts to give your pages social approval signals whenever you can by including text such as: “Like us on Facebook!” This will enhance your search engine rankings.

Twitter Marketing

On Twitter, your posts are restricted to 140 characters, but that’s more than enough room to include links to other websites, pictures, videos slideshows, or other media. Twitter is a fast and efficient method of getting your products and services in front of lots of people. Twitter instantly links users to a vast number of people – both people they know and people they don’t – making it one of the most immediate and efficient strategies to communicate ever created.

Building Followers

The goal with Twitter, as with Facebook, is to attract as many followers as you can. And like Facebook, you should start by searching for people you know, including loyal customers, family, friends, co-workers, or current and former school mates. Make use of the search function to search for their Twitter accounts, and then follow them. The next step should be to look at their profile and see who they are following and who is following them.

Look for people you know already or who are friends of friends and follow them. Keep an eye out for people who have many followers themselves and follow them. This way, if they re-tweet something you post, it has a better chance of spread throughout the platform. Whenever you follow somebody, they receive a notification that you are following them. Commonly, people on Twitter will follow you back.

Once they do, your list of Twitter followers becomes populated with folks who are already fans of the kinds of products that you are promoting. Increase your list of highly targeted traffic by looking for tweets concerning your niche. For instance, if you are operating in the high-end clothing business, simply conduct a search for “#eveningwear.”

Identify “Social Influencers”

Then all you have to do is visit the profiles of people who recently tweeted in this niche and check out their list of followers. If they have a lot, they belong to a category known as “social influencers.” You definitely need to follow those individuals. Hopefully, they may follow you back. If they do, whenever you tweet something, it will show up on their Twitter scroll. If your tweet gives good value they will possibly re-tweet it so that their followers will see it too. Like Facebook, you need to find people on Twitter who are passionately engaged in your niche and who have the most followers. Build interpersonal relationships with these people because they can present you with access to the most potential contacts.

To maximise your efforts, link your Twitter account to your Facebook page and vice versa so that when you post on one site, it automatically posts on the other. It’s simple to do: All you have to do is follow the instructions in the help on both site. Don’t forget to promote both your Twitter feed and Facebook Page in all the same places. I’m going to take a break on this article now. I’ll come back with Part 2.

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