Stop Leaving Money on the Table! Promote High Paying Affiliate Programs

Instead of wasting time promoting products no-one wants to buy, you can make way more money by selling or promoting products that are always going to remain popular. And preferably these products should have a high price level so that your commission will be higher. By way of example, if you promote an affiliate product that only costs $10 and your commission is 5%, you are only going to pocket $0.50 per sale. That means you need to make thousands of sales to make anything that resembles an income.

Compare that to promoting a product with a ticket price of $1,000 with the same 5% commission. Straight off the bat you make $50 per sale, so you have to come up with a lot less sales to start making some decent money. This article covers how to find high-priced items with commissions up to 50%. If you are looking for the “next level”, with programs that will pay you commissions of up to 90% and pay-outs in excess of $5000 per sale.

It needs a little more commitment, as you would expect, but in any business you have to get leads…so you may as well get the best commissions you can. Find out more on this Webinar.

The Best Types of Products

Money niches are the ones that have immensely popular products. Typically, they offer solutions to problems that may never truly be solved, or are universal problems that most people will experience at some point in their lives. Examples of the best paying money niches are having a better relationships (or “love life”), weight loss, and getting in shape, and acne cures. These type of niches are also known as “evergreen niches”. Just like the type of fir tree that never goes into hibernation during the winter, these niches never wane in popularity. There has always been a market for products in these niches and there always will be.

Let’s examine this further. Assume you decide to work in the romance and dating niche. There are all sorts of products to promote, but assume you choose to promote an eBook teaching people to meet online; this is increasing in popularity and will continue to do so. When you promote your eBook, you will find that there are plenty of people searching on the internet for exactly that type of product. Hopefully, you sell lots of copies of the eBook to lots of customers and make a bundle of money.

Flash forward to two years from now. You are continuing to promote the same eBook, and guess what? There are still a lot of people looking for the very same type of product.

Why? Because there always are, and always will be, a lot of people who want to learn how to meet other people, either online or in person. As one generation of Internet users finds love and moves on, they are instantly replaced by another generation of people looking for exactly same thing, and hence exactly the same type of products. And that, in essence, is what is known as “evergreen niches” or money niches.

Promoting products in these types of niches are a relatively easy way to make good commissions because there will always be people on the market for these products, especially online.

Sourcing The Best Products

The best products to promote can be found in many different places. One good place to start, although commission percentages can be quite low, is Amazon. I don’t have to announce who they are, as I think everybody has heard of them. But many have not heard of the Amazon Associates program, despite it being one of the best places to find products to promote and free to join. Amazon Associates offers practically every type of product imaginable, including physical products from high priced electronics, to clothes, or groceries. And it also does digital products such as eBooks, videos, and other kinds of downloads. So, it’s quick, easy, and has a huge range in terms of both price and product type.

Another key site is ClickBank. As with Amazon, it’s free to join and there are all sorts of products you can promote. ClickBank has a lot of auxiliary material you choose from to promote each of the products and plenty of information about commission levels, conversion rates and other key data. These can also be used as selection criteria when trying to select a viable product.

How To Succeed in Business

Networking is also a critical key to success. Interacting with other people in the business and building relationships is vitally important because there is a high volume of information to share. Unlike a traditional bricks and mortar business, Internet marketers don’t really compete against each other. People will openly share once a relationship has been built and there are also lots of opportunities to team up. Joint ventures are something that could well be interesting to you in the future, but that is a whole other subject for a separate post.

It’s important to network all the time. Go to trade shows, seminars and other live events because you need to interact with people that think like you and can teach or coach you. Make it a habit to visit chat-rooms and forums where marketers meet and share ideas, get to know each other, and generally learn more about the business they are in. Don’t get over-whelmed by everything that you read, but rather stick to positive people with positive viewpoints.

It’s a way of gaining a lot of information very quickly, but don’t overdo it. Ask questions, assess the validity and go out and take action rather spending all day in a chat-room.

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Promote High Paying Affiliate Programs
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