5 Great Tips for Creating Viral Content

Social media marketing has become one of the most popular platforms for Internet entrepreneurs. There are two main reasons for this …

  1. It’s inexpensive and often free, and
  2. It offers the opportunity for your business to go viral

While there are social media advertising platforms that require a financial investment – such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Sponsored Tweets, and others – if you have the time and energy, you often can generate a great deal of social media traffic without paying a dime of your own money.

Plus, given the interconnected nature of social media, if you can convert one prospect into a raving fan of your business, they can then promote your business for you to their network of social media contacts.

If this process repeats itself only a few times, you can quickly expand your customer base exponentially and eventually your business can go viral.

In the video, we discuss the five easiest, fastest and most effective ways of driving the highest amount of traffic to your offers for the least investment.

  1. Visit Forums and Fan Pages
  2. Target High-Value Clients
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Offer Killer Content
  5. Create Your Own Fan Pages and Forums


Number 1: Visit Forums and Fan Pages

The great thing about the Internet is that there is room for everybody. Regardless of your niche, there probably already are fan pages and forums devoted to it somewhere online.

Find these places and start interacting with the other users. You shouldn’t be promoting your products at this point. Rather, simply try to engage and many people as possible and get to know their interests and preferences.


Number 2: Target High-Value Contacts

Most of your social media contacts right now probably are your family, friends, current and former co-workers, former classmates and other people you have known throughout the years.

While these people will be helpful in launching your Internet marketing programs, if you want to be truly successful you will need to expand your social media circle.


Specifically, you are looking for social media users who meet two criteria:

  • They have a lot of social media contacts
  • They use social media frequently


Number 3: Build Relationships

Begin to get to know the people who you meet your niche’s forums, chat rooms and fan pages and work to build genuine relationships with them based on trust. How can you do that?


Number 4: Offer Killer Content

Use the Internet’s limitless resources to find free high-value content related to your niche and then offer it for free to the high-value contacts with whom you have built relationships in forums, fan pages and elsewhere.


Number 5: Create Your Own Fan Pages and Forums

Once you have created a following of high-value targets within your niche, create your own fan pages and forums … using the free tools offered on Facebook and the other popular social media sites… and invite your contacts to join your pages.

The End Goals

If you have done a good job of using free, high-value content to build relationships with them, they will gladly promote your pages to their extensive lists of social media contacts and the fan pages and forums you have create can quickly go viral.

When you are the administrator of the niche-related fan pages you created, it’s easier to control the conversation and the message. You now have an audience of dedicated fans and the stage on which to promote your products.

Use these places that you created and where you control the content to promote your business, your brand and your products. Just make sure you alternate commercial content with helpful informational postings that include information your visitors can use in their everyday lives.

This will keep them coming back for more and will allow you to continue to promote your products and services to an eager audience.


In Summary

Creating viral content can be something that happens when you least expect it. It can also be meticulously planned and executed. It's something that will take practice, but by following these tips your success rate will improve over time.

Ultimately, it can reduce advertising costs or give a well needed boost to an campaign, so keep the goals in mind and try and work them into your content routine.

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