20 Quick Ways to Make Money Online

If you want to make money online, you don’t need a big budget. In fact, there are an almost unlimited number of ways to earn a living from the Internet. In this video, we will take a look at 20 of them.

Using Web Media

The first category is ways to make money on the Web using online media.

  1. Get Paid to Blog – Write a blog about a topic you are passionate about, develop a loyal readership then sell ads on your blog page.
  2. Moderate Forums – Online forums are moderated by people who are paid to keep the spam out and maintain a civil conversation.
  3. Sell Articles – Write high-quality articles for websites that accept paid contributions.
  4. Be a Guest Author – Some of the most popular websites pay between $50 and $400 for articles that fit their niche.
  5. Paid Posts to Forums – Webmasters will pay people between $.10 and $.25 per post to get their forums going.
  6. Podcasting – Record an audio or video podcast, develop a group of loyal followers, then sell ads to related businesses.
  7. Advertise on Forums for Free - Already participate in forums? Ask the webmaster if you can post ads for free on threads you create.
  8. Be a Translator – Although there are automated translators, they don’t compare to the real thing. If you speak a foreign language fluently, you can sell your services to people who need their documents translated.
  9. Virtual Life Coaching and Counselling – The Internet is filled with people looking for good, sound advice. Offer yours at an hourly rate.

Making Money Just Became Child's Play

Do you like to play online games?

If so, you can turn your hobby into an income stream by using these innovative ways to profit from your play. Now you can actually make money doing what you already love doing for fun!

  1. Sell Game Money for Actual Money – Most online games use a virtual currency. Use your skill to build up an abundant supply then sell it to fellow gamers for real money.
  2. Gaming Tournaments – Game developers will often host tournaments to promote their games, offering cash and prizes to the winners.
  3. Be an In-Game Real Estate Developer – Some games, like Second Life, let you buy and develop land within the game then sell it to other players at a profit.
  4. Open an In-Game Store – Second Life and other similar games also allow you to sell items such as t-shirts, pets and other things to the other people playing the game for real money.
  5. Be a Paid Game Tester – Gaming developers are always looking for experienced gamers who will take their newest games for a test drive in exchange for pay. Contact the biggest companies and offer your services.

Giving People (Exactly) What They Want

There's actually is a lot of money to be made online simply by matching people up with what they are looking for online.

  1. Oversee Overseas Workers – Customer service workers who work overseas don’t always understand the nuances of our culture. Recruit a group of foreign workers and open your own business to US businesses, then manage your employees via the Web.
  2. Forum Posting Service – Webmasters launching new forums will often pay posters to get the ball rolling, but the quality is not always top-tier. Recruit a team of forum posters, then offer your company’s reliable, high-quality forum posting services.
  3. Client Referrals – Web freelancers – such as programmers, web designers and writers – often get more work than they can handle, so they outsource it to others. Pay freelancers 10% to refer clients to you, then charge other freelancers 20% to send new business referrals.
  4. Link Broker – Find people who want to buy links for their websites and match them with others willing to create these links.
  5. Website and Domain Representative – Many Internet marketers have purchased domains or websites but don’t know how to start making money from them. Provide a service where you show them how in exchange for a share of their profits.
  6. Job Referrals – Develop relationships with job recruiters and headhunters, then scour Craigslist, Monster and other job-hunting sites for possible candidates in exchange for a percentage of their commission.


In Summary

We all have skills, and those skills have a price on them. Your only job today is to decide whether you want to use those skills to create time and freedom in your life.

Some of the above ideas will give you solid incomes, but you'll still have a ceiling on your potential earnings if you're exchanging time for money.

Unless of course you create an agency that outsources the real world tasks while you just take care of the administration.

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