WordPress: The Popular Choice of Website Creators

WordPress is used by more web page creators than any other content management system on the Internet. In fact, of the top million web pages reviewed by Amazon’s Alexa Internet site, 14.7 percent used WordPress and 22 percent of all new websites are managed with WordPress software.

One of the biggest reasons WordPress is so popular is that it’s free. WordPress is known as an “open source” site, which means anybody is free to use it, copy it or add their own software to make it better.

WordPress is also easy to use and offers web page builders practically everything they need to create and run their own websites. It features great-looking graphics, lots of cool and helpful plug-ins and widgets, and comprehensive step-by-step instructions that show you how to do things with the site every step of the way.

WordPress Is Simple and Highly Customiseable

It features drag and drop features that allow you to add elements to your pages so they will look professional and will be fully functional. WordPress also has lots of free templates that you can use as well. Just load them onto your web page, add the content and images you want, and you are ready to launch your website.

Web page creators also can customise their pages with any of the 18,000 free plug-ins available on WordPress. These plug-ins let you do everything from enhance your content with SEO to link your pages to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

WordPress also has thousands of free “widgets” you can use. These are drag and drop software you can add to your pages to do such things as adding sidebar content, archive your content, add opinion polls and surveys, and lots more.

WordPress will even publish and maintain your website for you for free. It provides a ton of helpful analytics to help you track who is viewing your pages, how they are converting and what you can do to make your pages better.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org

In exchange for this free service, WordPress will sometimes publish ads on your pages. You don’t get to control the content of these ads and don’t benefit from the profits, but at least you get to have a free website that is maintained by somebody else.

If you want to maintain more control over your website – such as selling ad space – you can still use WordPress to create your pages then simply migrate them to a URL that you own. That way, you are free to use your page any way you choose, but you still can enjoy the great design benefits provided by WordPress for free. What’s the difference between the two?

The WordPress software program you can download into your computer for free is the one you use to design and maintain your web pages. You can use that web page to promote your business, sell products either directly or through affiliate marketing or other platforms, or for whatever purposes you want.

WordPress.org is a blog hosting site that you can use to write and post blogs for free. With WordPress.org, you don’t have to pay anything for your blog’s domain name or lease space on a server because WordPress will handle all of that for you at no charge … in exchange for their keeping all the ad revenue.

Regardless of which way you choose to use WordPress, you can’t beat the cost, functionality and ease of use. No wonder it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular web building tools available on the Internet today.


In Summary

WordPress is very flexible, rapidly to set up, and gives you a free option if you're on a tight budget.

With such a wide choice of plugins to add anything from promotion tools to E-commerce and payment systems, it's difficult to why you wouldn't give it a try.

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