YouTube Compliance

One of the most powerful marketing tools today is video advertising. With over 1 billion unique visitors per month YouTube alone is an almost unlimited source of traffic. And even if you only posted to YouTube, once created your video can be fully optimised for advertising and embedded across multiple social channels and websites worldwide. Therefore, it’s not only a no-brainer to add this to your skill set, if you’re going to invest time in doing it you also want to do it to the best of your ability. Avoid mistakes that will:

  1. Get you into trouble with Google, or
  2. Lose potential revenue,

are not habits that you want to pick up. The best way to learn video advertising is to harness the knowledge of someone that’s been doing it for years.

YouTube Optimisation

Heres the 5 biggest mistakes that people make that when setting up video advertising on YouTube that will cost you rankings, get you in hot water, or mean that you miss out on revenue.

  1. Sending traffic from the video to websites that are not Google compliant.
  2. Sending traffic to landing pages that are not Google compliant.
  3. Not setting up Instream or Indisplay Ads up correctly.
  4. Not creating remarketing campaigns.
  5. Not optimising form the stats.

How To Avoid All Of These

One of our highest recommended resources that covers shovels more than just the essentials in this area has been created by top marketer. Due to its popularity it’s now available at a McMenu price and I consider that everybody should add this to their arsenal. For those on the fence about needing YouTube Ads training, I’m going to spell out. YouTube is simply one of the cheapest places to pick up leads if you do it correctly.

Thing is, I don’t generally give access to our Premium Courses unless you’re a member of our Core training group. You can get details about that here.

Not only will it ensure that can produce and utilise all types of video ads on YouTube, but your own websites will be fully Google compliant and you’ll be capable of creating re-marketing, opt-ins, and stats.

so, here’s a brief heads-up on what’s covered:

  • Google site compliance
  • Google landing page compliance
  • Example of site and landing page compliance
  • Required assets
  • Instream campaign creation
  • Indisplay campaign creation
  • Remarketing creation
  • Non-skippable remarketing creation
  • Direct linking campaign creation
  • Post campaign Quick Stats
  • Generate Opt-ins
  • Opt in Quick Stats
  • Optimising and Rule of Thumb

To find out more about having a Rock Solid Core business Click Here. And in the meantime I’ll think about whether I’m going to supply a link out to our YouTube Ad Hacks Training.

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5 Online Video Advertising Mistakes to Avoid
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5 Online Video Advertising Mistakes to Avoid
Learn the 5 biggest mistakes that people make that when setting up video advertising on YouTube that will cost you rankings and revenue.
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