4 Core Skills Sets That Successful People Don't Want You To Know

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Core Skills Training and Online Website Traffic Management

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A resource that will train you on the Core Skills you need to create a rock solid, sustainable, successful online business.

If you're sick of:

  1. Listening to people telling you that they have the next best thing
  2. Struggling to get Traffic
  3. Fighting to manage your Social Media
  4. Worrying whether your Website will get Hacked
  5. Being Confused over Hosting, DNS, Sub-domains
  6. Getting Tired and Frustrated from Information Overload

Then you're in the right place...

In fact, there are only a few secrets to real success.

You watch successful people every day, and I'm guessing that you would like to copy them.

Well that's exactly the way you should be doing it. You're already thinking along the right lines.

Why would you want to come up with your own way of being successful, when successful people are just copying each other?

That's what Leverage is about, and everyone uses it.

Don't think so?

How did you learn math at school?

Did you sit down, create a numbering system, and then set about mixing all the numbers together to come up with complex algorithms and formulae.

No, of course you didn't. You copied what you were taught.

You leveraged the knowledge of generations of successful mathematicians.

You copied what they did. And now you can do it too!

Successful mathematicians created Systematic approaches to solving problems.

Then you used their systems to do it for yourself.

And that is what it all boils down to. It's just down to using some kind of System.

Successful people have systems in place. In fact, you'll here the word "System" thrown around a lot. (I've certainly thrown it around a lot already)

We use Systems all the time.

The thing is, when you don't understand a System everything feels a bit like this...

Tell Me More...

To make a System work, you need some Core Skills.

Core Skills are Like Your Foundations.

Let's imagine your business is a building. And you are obviously the builder.

Now let's imagine some guru telling you they have something great for your business, and it's only going to cost you $997.

Ask yourself if it's worth paying $997 if:

  1. You don't know more than 3 traffic sources
  2. You can't manage Social Media to market it
  3. You can't Sell what you already have
  4. Your website settings aren't Secure
  5. You already spend more sending emails than you make from them

So basically, you haven't finished the foundations!

It's like someone offering the fourth floor of your building when you've not finished the groundwork.

Sure, the system may sound great, and you might be tempted to balance it on top of what you already have.

But sooner or later somethings going to crumble.

And most of the time it's your spirit.

Sound familiar?

That's why 98% of people who start an online business give up after only a few months.

The cost of starting it is higher than the return.

For the business people among you, that's called a poor ROI. Return On Investment.

You put a load of cash in, you get nothing back in return, and you throw the towel in.

Now Let's Put This in Perspective

Systems are essential.

I need them, you need them, we all need them.

And when we have the Core Skills to use them everything works just fine.

McDonald's burgers all taste the same

BMW's cars all race the same.

and if I had a system that created poetry, I would add something else that would rhyme with same...but I don't.

And I lack the Core Skills that go into writing poetry, so it's never going to happen.

But if I did, it would look like this...

So You're Telling Me I Need Systems?

Yes, you'll need systems...but you need to work on your Core Skills first.

You need to have a Systematic approach with your Core Skills.

And I'm going to tell you why...

Nobody is reinventing the wheel here.

  1. To make a living online it's the same as anywhere else.
  2. You find a Product
  3. You find Customers for that Product
  4. You Engage with your Customers
  5. You make Sales to engaged Customers
  6. You Earn Money, Buy More Products and Scale Your Business

The way it works is as old as the hills.

But the environment has changed.

The tools you use have changed, the channels you reach your audience with have changed, and your technical agenda has changed.

So you need different skills to an old school craftsmen selling bread.

A Baker has a Core Skill of baking bread.

If he's good at it, and his shop is well placed, hungry people passing the door will buy.

And if you have a good "product", and you can get enough "hungry" people to pass by your "door", then chances are you're going to sell your "bread".

The concept is basic, but online that simplicity can trip you up.


  1. It takes time and skills to find good products
  2. Most people start out online alone
  3. Most people don't ask for help
  4. Most people don't accept responsability for failure
  5. Most people give up

In fact, most online starters have very little online experience.

And they don't consider what they're doing to be like a real job.

Which is crazy considering the benefits and earnings can far outstrip almost any normal job.

People will spend tens of thousands on a college education, or spend 5 years training in an apprenticeship...

...And then spend years paying back the bill, whilst living on a miserable wage.

But when they decide to make a living online, here's what they expect:

  1. Zero Cost
  2. Instant Profit
  3. No Need for Training
  4. No Help Required
  5. Work a Few Hours a Week

I'm not saying that's you, but if you've had thoughts like that do me a favor...

Make a list for yourself.

Call it:

"Professions I would like to be in, that fill criteria 1 through 5"

What Do I Get?

So, enough of the chat.

Let's look at you're keys to success:

  1. Your Core Skills
  2. How to Get Them

In fact, it doesn't matter if you:

  1. Already have a business
  2. Want to scale an existing business
  3. Want to make a success of a struggling business
  4. Have no business
  5. Have no ideas
  6. Have no online experience

The Core Skills remain the same.

You're just focusing on different skills at different times.

Your journey is different, not your skills.

Quick Recap Before Moving On

These things have never been reinvented since we we're running around in animal skins.

  1. Products
  2. Customers
  3. Engagement
  4. Sales

You can see I don't like to over complicate things.

This is because I used to be company governance. Wholly crap, that can get complicated.

But guess what!

At the top of the tree you have 4 headlines in your Play Book.

The rest is just details, and the details are in the Systems.

If you get that, you'll never sweat another day in your life.

Let's see Points 1 to 4
in the CORE training

Number 1: Products

Find Products that sell well and a marketplace to sell them.

This is the Core Skill you need make your path to success shorter.

Doing it once is good.

But knowing how to find high profit products, and how to scale into other markets is something else.

In our CORE training you're going to find this in your Income Stream module.

Common Problems?

  1. You don't know where to find products
  2. You don't know how to select profitable products
  3. You don't want to sign up for something you know nothing about
  4. You think Affiliate Marketing is the only business
  5. You're don't know all the steps that make it profitable

We have more good news.

There are many different ways of earning a living online, and we're going to show you how.

You may be surprised...

You need to understand how an Income Stream works, how to put it in place, and the short-cuts to rise above the competition.

What you don't need is some guru to charge you $4000 to tell you how to sign up on Amazon.

Your ship will sink under the weight of the bill, not the merchandise.

You can walk through an Income Stream before you lay out any hard cash.

If you don't like what you see, you can check out how another one works and find something that suits you.

You may even find something perfectly adapted to the skills you already have.

You don't have to buy into any products, systems, or confine yourself in any niche, before you understand the road ahead.

(Not sure what you can sell online? Maybe you should take a look inside our Members Area)

I Don't Want to Invest

Number 2: Customers

Drag in hoards of hungry buying customers by getting Traffic.

Yes, on the Internet we get customers from Traffic.

Calling customers "Traffic" seems a little non-personal, but we're referring to the flow potential customers to your product rather than the individuals themselves.

You need to have numerous traffic sources, so you can find out where your audience hangs out.

Why advertise to the masses when you can specifically target hungry customers in 3 or 4 places.

Multiple sources allows you to scale.

So what are the problems?

  1. Finding those places takes time
  2. Research can be never-ending
  3. Time costs money

To save you time, you can find over 50 sources in your Traffic module, straight off the bat.

That alone will save you months of research just trying to find places.

It'll also give you cheaper places to advertise than well known sources.

Don't waste money advertising with no results.

Just because you've only heard of Google, Facebook, and Bing, doesn't mean you have to keep going back to them.

Until you know where your audience hangs out you're just pouring advertising money down the drain.

Remember...Core Skill. Find the best sources first, scale your advertising second.

In our CORE training, that's your Traffic module.

Number 3: Engagement

Become a Marketing Master on Social Media.

You'll be able to market by successfully engaging your customers.

With so many distractions, your product or service can easily end up taking a rear seat.

So to make the whole circus easier you need to few tricks up your sleeve.

  1. Optimising your accounts
  2. Managing multiple accounts under one roof
  3. Finding Trends to ride on
  4. Becoming an Expert on a preferred Social Media

are all Core Skills that you need to work on.

Play clever here, and you'll cut out 80% of your work and grow exponentially.

You have Marketing Masterclasses in your Social Media CORE module.

Number 4: Sales

Be your own  Brand! Have your own Domains.

Your "Shop" (where you make sales) can be anywhere you like.

It doesn't have to be your own.

You can buy a complete System and have everything handled by professional services.

This is even highly recommended depending on the Income Stream you chose.

"Done For You" Systems can be an excellent gateway into online sales.

It's an easy way to Sub-Contract large chunks of work that you can't do yourself. Leaving you to concentrate on other core skills.

But, and this can be a big but...

The time will come that you'll want to make your own mark.

Owning your own domains and websites will be something you won't be able to fight.

And even if you have the cash to pay someone to do it, you should still have a background about how it works if you're going to be doing the administration.

That scares a lot of people who aren't technically biased.

What scares people about the tech side?

  1. The Internet is a public place, everyone can see you
  2. It appears very complex
  3. When something goes wrong you have no Income
  4. Fear of getting hacked
  5. No idea how to start

All good reasons to do nothing!

And all good reasons why millions of people are missing opportunities that you're going to take.

Look at it like this...

You DON'T need to know how everything works in a car to drive it.

You DO need to know:

  1. How to buy one
  2. How to turn the key
  3. How to put fuel in it
  4. How to clean it
  5. How to avoid crashing it

That's it.

Many people can do the first three.

Most of those people don't bother to find out how to do the last two.

That's why you're going to easily install your own website, make it secure, and build your Brand there.

Here's the uncomplicated truth:

  1. Websites are just another System
  2. Bots crawl the web looking for known holes in the System
  3. Lazy people don't plug the holes in the System
  4. Lazy people get hacked
  5. You won't because you're going to learn some simple rules

You're going to learn some simple principles of Installation and Security.

As well as websites you're going to need another major component of your business.

The Autoresponder: Your email communication System.

You may already be familiar with these, but to some people they remain an expensive money sucking mystery.

Using good navigational skills, sharing campaigns, segmenting lists and applying "rules" to your list management are all skills that will reduce your cost.

Great skills to have!

In OBL CORE that's in your Web Tech module.

So That's Your Foundations:

Your 4 Core Skill Sets

Understanding Income Streams: walking through how they work before you start pouring money into them. Knowing where to find good products, and knowing how to find highly profitable products. Knowing which ones you want to use so that when the time is right you can start scaling with new ones. Knowing which ones just don't fit your agenda so you don't waste time and effort on them.

Multiplying Traffic: The more Traffic the more Customers. Knowing where the best traffic sources are and not wasting money on advertising that is poorly suited to your products. Knowing about new traffic sources so you can begin scaling on them when the time is right.

Mastering Social Media Marketing: Get the best out of your social presence. Managing multiple accounts with ease. Maximising your profiles to rapidly grow a following. Automating campaign that make sense and increase your productivity.

Demystifying Web Tech: Keep it simple, keep it safe. Understand your administration for domains and hosting. And be well prepared to make sure sub-contract techies don't pull the wool over your eyes if you decide to outsource.

Decision Time!

Creating, developing, and scaling your own business is about being able to make decisions.

In fact, the main driver for you may be your ability to call the shots...

  • To Stop Relying on Others
  • To Make Your Own Choices
  • To Stop Being Told What to Do...
  • And When to Do It

So, now it's you choice. What's it going to be?

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