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How To Reverse Engineer Your First Six Figures Online.

Written by Kevin Williamson on January 12th 2017

So, you want to get rich on the Internet?

You want to quickly and easily start making money, so you can travel the world, live a life of luxury, drive exotic cars and work from anywhere, right?

First, congratulations on taking action towards your financial future and gaining the knowledge you need to becoming free in all aspects of your life.

A world of everything you want, and more awaits you on ‘the other side’ of this thing called ‘Internet Marketing’.

Over the next few days, it's going to feel like Christmas! We're going to be showing you the plan, the strategy and how to literally guarantee your place on the other ‘side of the fence’.

The side where you can create as much money as you like. Where you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want; because you are in control.

That’s what we're going to be showing you how to do.

Not just build a lucrative Internet business, but a lifestyle.

"It's what we call LifeStyle Leverage. Connecting with people who live the kind of lifestyle you would like, and harnessing the knowledge they share as leverage to accelerate your own success."

In this short, but powerful blog post we’re going to be laying out the plan and the groundwork for making your first six figures online.

We want to pre-face this by saying it takes a lot to win, but even more to lose.

On this journey you’re going to get overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and burnt out.

You might even follow through, test something and fail.

Usually you have to fail several times before your big win.

We like to say, fail fast, fail forward.

It sucks, but that’s business. You have to get your ass up and get back to work. When you follow these proven steps, you are bound to succeed.

Because if you don't make this happen, where will you be?

You have to decide, will you join us or will you settle for less? You can choose to do whatever it takes, or you can settle.

Now we both know, you are here for the former.

So let’s jump in and kick some butt.


Before we can show you the HOW! You need to get clear on the WHY!

Why are you doing this?
Why do you want to make at least six figures per year online?
What will it do for you?

For me, it’s all about the lifestyle and the impact we can make on other people’s lives.


Being able to work when I want, where I want.

I like to break down our goals into simple targets.

By end of the process, we have an entire list of everything we want and know exactly how much it will cost us.

For example…

Where do you want to live?
What house or apartment do you want to live in?
What car do you want to drive?
Do you want any staff? A cook, maid, nanny?
How do you want to spend your days?
Do you want to travel, take lavish vacations?
How much do you want to spend on groceries?
How much do you want to spend on fancy dinners?
What other expenses will you have?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer, before you start your business.

Answer them, and write down exactly how much they will cost. Figure out exactly how much money you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s what we call the ‘dream lifestyle target’.

For the sake of this post, we’re going to use $120,000 as an example.
$10,000 per month.

When you look at it, you might think that’s a ‘crap ton’ of money.

Maybe more money than you’ve ever made in your entire life in a job.

But when you break it down, it’s not that much.

It’s $273.97 a day, 365 days a year.

Now when you break it down, it’s really not much money at all.

If you’re selling a product that costs $97 we’re talking about making just shy of 3 sales per day.

3 sales per day and you’re sitting pretty, with total freedom.

Since your business is open 24 hours a day, it’s easy.

Now let’s say your average customer was worth $500 (easy with what we’ll show you), we’re talking about making just 1 sale every 2 or so days.

Breaking it down even further…

If your SYSTEM converts just 1 in 50 leads into sales, we’re talking about generating only 25 leads per day.

With a Squeeze page (that captures leads) converts 50% of visitors into leads, that’s 50 clicks per day.

So if you can go out and buy clicks for $1 or less, you’ll be trading $1500 per month for $10,000.

Kind of exciting, isn’t it?

Now do you think if you can turn $1500 into $10,000 - you might want to invest more money into traffic to generate more leads?

Of course you would, and you will!

Now let’s get into the plan.

If you were building a traditional business, you would think all you had to do was find people who want something and sell it to them.

This, on the other hand works a little differently.

To make this whole thing work, you need a few things:

1) Multiple products to sell.
2) A marketing system to sell them.
3) Traffic.

The first step is to find the right products that will allow you to make big commissions, create a marketing system to sell it and then BUILD A LIST of subscribers.

The first real goal of your business is to build a list of subscribers who know, like and trust you.

When you have the list, you can literally ‘command’ them to buy anything you want, any time you choose stuffing your bank account with cold hard commissions.

Before you can build the list, you need ‘an engine’.

The engine of your online business is a marketing system, or ‘sales funnel’. It’s what captures leads, follows up and converts them into sales.

Here’s how the 3 step formula works...

1) Products To Sell

The cool thing about online marketing is that you don’t need to own your own products. You can simply choose from 1000s of products and promote them ‘as an affiliate’.

The product vendor takes a cut, and pays you a cut for every sale you refer.

Success in this business greatly comes down to how much you can earn per customer.

If you sell a $100 product and make 50% commissions you can only earn $50 per customer. If you convert 1 in 50 leads into sales, you haven’t got a hope in hell at earning any money.

If clicks cost $1 each, and you convert 50% of clicks into leads that’s $2 per lead.

If leads cost you $2 each, you need to invest 50 x $2/lead = $100 to earn a $50 commission.

Negative ROI.

If on the other hand, you can earn $500 per customer, it’s a different story.

So the secret is to sell a $1000 product and earn $500 commissions, right?


The secret is to market an entire ‘funnel’.

A series of products, that compliment each other and gradually go up in price.

They say it’s the hardest time in history to acquire a customer, and the easiest to make the second, third and fourth sale with existing customers.

People don’t trust marketers or sales men anymore.

That’s why we sell a low cost product to acquire new customers and ‘upsell’ those customers more and more expensive products.

Example: you have a product that costs $10, $100, $500, $1000 and $10,000.

Not everyone will buy the higher priced products, heck most people won’t even buy past the $10 product.

But out of 100 customers, 40 might buy the $100 product, 20 might buy the $500, 10 might buy the $1000 product and a handful will buy the $10,000 product.

This might take your ‘average customer’ from $10 to $500. Allowing you to go out their and profitably buy customers.

That’s how your business will work. In the next post, we’ll share how to find the right products to sell, and construct a ‘sales funnel’ around to sell them for you.

2) Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is your marketing system that captures leads and turns them into sales.
You have a Squeeze page that looks something like this:

A sales page that looks something like this:

Finally you have an email follow-up sequence.

When you setup these things the right way, they’ll do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

Your squeeze page plays one role; to capture visitors’ email address and send them to your sales page.

Your sales page is designed to present and sell your ‘front-end’ offer.

Your email follow-up, is there to automatically send emails to the people who don’t buy, sending them back to your sales page over and over again.

When you have your follow-up setup right, it’s like having an entire sales team working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Which brings us to the third step in the formula.

3) Traffic

Traffic is what makes the Internet go round.

You just have to learn how to siphon it, capture it and send it to your marketing system.

The fact is, getting traffic (people) to your website is the easy part.

If you have your sales funnel setup right, and the right products you can make money with virtually any traffic.

You can try to generate traffic for free, or you can buy traffic (which we’ll show you how to do later).

All you have to do is focus on getting enough leads to hit your goal, and converting those leads into sales.

Watch out tomorrow for the next post, how to design and architect your first high converting sales funnel.

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