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Scaling Your Online Business To Millionaire Status!

Written by Kevin Williamson on January 16th 2017

Welcome to Day 5 of the LifeStyle Leverage System (Scaling To 7 Figures & Beyond)

In the last few days of the bootcamp, we taught you:

  • How to put together a simple system that can help you sell pretty much ANYTHING you want online and make $5000 - $10,000+ a month as soon as possible.
  • How to launch it by getting traffic & calculate your numbers to hit your monthly goals (be it $5000 per month or $10,000 per month or $50,000 per month)
  • How to test and tweak EVERY single aspect of your system to turn your dream income goal into a reality

Today, we are going to show you how to take a 6 figure business and SCALE IT up to 7 figures and beyond. 

Most people don’t have what it takes to reach the next level. 

And that’s not because they are not intelligent or they don’t have the talent or any such reason. 

Its because of a simple fundamental reason: 

They are NOT ruthless. 

They don’t crave to be clearing the 7 figure mark. 

Don't get me wrong. If you are earning $100,000/Year and are able to do everything you want then I applaud you. This post is for those that want to go above and beyond and skyrocket their success. 

Now if you have what it takes and you are desperately want to clear the 7 figure mark, here’s what all you need to do:

1. Know Your Business Numbers

No millionaire ever reached that level without knowing his business numbers.

So what are business numbers?

Its basically existing data from your marketing campaigns that would aid you in your decision making for future campaigns.

For example, imagine each customer has an average value of $1500 in commissions for us.

That’s would be rock solid data for you.

What does that data tell you?

That data tells you that you can spend UP TO $1500 to gain a customer (who buys a front end product) and still break even.

Now, how will this data help you in your future marketing campaigns?


It allows us to calculate our dream monthly income goal and how many customers we need to make it happen.

Next, it allows us to know to what extent we can spend to gain a customer in every advertising platform.

For example, when you are running mini campaigns, you can spend $200 to make $1000.

That’s a 500% ROI.

While that’s great, you CANNOT assume that if you spend $100,000, you will make $500,000.

Real life doesn’t work that way.

When you scale up your business, your ROI will drop but your ABSOLUTE profits will rise.

If $100,000 spent produces $150,000 or $200,000 ….its still great as the absolute profit level is rising.

So when you know your average customer value, you will know how deep you can go to acquire the MAXIMUM QUANTITY of customers (when it comes to scaling – volume and absolute profits matter more than conversion rates or anything else).

Now a good marketer would know his average customer value FOR EACH advertising platform (Facebook, Banner Ads, Solo Ads, etc) and take future decisions accordingly.

As you can see, scaling is not a question of blindly throwing in more money.

Its about getting data and taking data driven decisions.

In your lead capture page, you should offer some free gift (known as a lead magnet) in order to get your visitors to give you their email information in exchange for it. 

(In the above page, when a visitors clicks the “Next” button, a form shows up where they can enter their email to to get access to the lead magnet, in this case a video). 

The goal of the lead magnet is two fold 

One, to turn visitors into leads
Two, to educate your leads and presell them to promote your product 

When done correctly, a lead magnet gets you both leads & sales on its own. 

So that’s process number 1. 

Moving on to the next thing.

2. Increase Your Conversions

If you want to go massive, you have to religiously work on every aspect of your marketing process. 

You need to test out completely different funnels to see which produces more money. 

You need to test out different lead capture pages to see what brings in the most subscribers. 

You need to test out different follow up emails to see what makes more sales (much more than what you did to reach the 6 figure level). 

You need to test out different front end products to see which ones do better. 

You need to test out your backend selling processes. 

You need to test out your webinars, your sales page designs, your sales page copy, etc. 

There are a ton of moving parts and your aim must be to make sure your funnel can convert all the traffic that you can send to it like a machine. 

Here’s where hiring others and making them work for you matters a lot. 

Also creating your OWN products and high ticket offers helps in increasing your rrevenue and bottom line too. You can create them on your own or you can license someone else’s products and sell them for 100% of the commissions.

3. Find New & Bigger Traffic Sources

When you have more money, you can get access to a lot more stuff than a guy who is barely making profits. 

One, you have a bigger testing budget which if you use well can open up floodgates of major profits. 

You can get access to traffic suppliers and sources where the entry cost to advertise may be $2000 or $5000 or $10,000. Since your business is doing well, you can afford these costs to get the highest quality of leads. 

You can find new sites to place banner ads (which is what multi million and billion dollar companies use) to bring in vast hordes of quality traffic. 

You can hire traffic teams to run traffic campaigns for you and use their expertise to your advantage. 

Its all about maximising your traffic and finding new sources of high quality traffic that most marketers don’t have access to. 

Focusing on this allows you to bring in more leads & profits for your business.

4. Build Out Teams And Systemise Everything

When you are the 6 figure level, you can get by through winging it (as long as you do the basics right).

To go to the next level however, you need to make a solid business plan.

You need to hire the right talent and build a team to execute your plan.

You need to define processes to manage your team who will execute your plans.

All of these are needed to go to the next level.

Those who actively work on it achieve their goals.

If you're someone who can actively work towards your goals and then break through them to create new bigger, more far reaching goals, then here’s what we want you to do:

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