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The Do's & Don't to Launch For Maximum Leads & Sales.

Written by Kevin Williamson on January 14th 2017

Welcome to Day 3 of the LifeStyle Leverage System (Launch Phase)

Yesterday we explained to you how to put together a simple system that can help you sell pretty much ANYTHING you want online and make $5000 - $10,000+ a month as soon as possible.

Today we are going to show you how to launch it and start getting leads & sales.

You see, making sales & profits online boils down to 4 steps:

  • Step 1 - Setup a system to promote products/services
  • Step 2 - Start getting traffic & leads and see how your system converts.
  • Step 3 – Test and tweak and optimize till you start more revenues than the cost to get traffic
  • Step 4 – Scale it up like a madman

We have covered step 1 (system) and now we move on to step 2 (traffic generation).

When it comes to generating traffic, here’s the fundamental rule:

Quality of Traffic Matters. 

There are services out there where you can pay $10 - $50 and get 100,000 visitors to your site fast.

That is 100% rubbish traffic, and worthless to your business.


Because that traffic is untargeted, and possibly fake (I won't get into the details on fake traffic, its basically just robots)

Even if you get 100,000 visitors, you will be lucky to generate 100 leads (subscribers) from them and super lucky to see even 1 sale.

Just like there is a traffic rule, there is also a rule for leads:

Quality of leads matter. 

There are places where you can go and get traffic which will results in 1000s of freebie seeking leads. Meaning, the traffic WILL convert into leads but these leads are nothing but freebie seekers and tire kickers to the core.

You would be lucky to make 1-2 sales from these leads because their quality is so bad.

So the rule when it comes to traffic & leads is that they must be TARGETED and they must WANT the products/services you are offering.

I have made the mistake of getting crappy traffic/leads in the past and I urge you to NEVER make my mistake.

You see, the greatest product in the world is worth NOTHING to an uninterested audience while an average product is worth EVERYTHING to a hungry audience.

So master the art of bringing in hungry audience's to your system and you will see sales explode.

Of course, you need to still test and tweak your system to turn it into a sales producing machine but with the right traffic, its just a matter of optimizing.

Now where do we get QUALITY, TARGETED traffic & leads?

Here are a few places:

1. Solo Ads On Good Newsletters

Solo ads are nothing but promo emails sent by list owners to their well nurtured lists. 

The process is simple.

You find list owners with cool lists. You pay them money to send out an email to their list promoting your site (that promo email is called as solo ad). And when they do, you will get a flood of traffic, leads & sales. 

With solo ads, you can generate 100-1000+ leads whenever you want. 

We get a lot of traffic from quality solo ads and those convert into sales GREAT. We even run a Traffic Agency that allows you to tap into quality list owners (with whom we have exclusive contracts) and get as much traffic as you want. 

You can use our services or you can contact list owners and get your traffic yourself. 

(By the way, don’t worry about how you are going to implement every single thing. By the end of this bootcamp, we will give you action steps on what you need to do to implement everything that we teach you. For now, focus on the information.)

In your lead capture page, you should offer some free gift (known as a lead magnet) in order to get your visitors to give you their email information in exchange for it. 

(In the above page, when a visitors clicks the “Next” button, a form shows up where they can enter their email to to get access to the lead magnet, in this case a video). 

The goal of the lead magnet is two fold 

One, to turn visitors into leads
Two, to educate your leads and presell them to promote your product 

When done correctly, a lead magnet gets you both leads & sales on its own. 

So that’s process number 1. 

Moving on to the next thing.

2. Banner Ads

These are simple image blocks that you would see on most of the sites that you browse. (You will see an example on the right sidebar of this page promoting a free strategy session) 

They are called banner ads. 

While most people think that no one ever clicks these banner ads because they themselves don’t, we can assure you that its far from the truth. 

Banner Ads have the capability to give you massive amounts of hyper targeted traffic. 

When you advertise on the right kind of websites, you are going to get quality traffic & leads which convert into sales.

3. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads

You will likely be well aware of Facebook ads. 

These are ads on the right hand sidebar and in your newsfeed. They have the ability to be extremely targeted and to share your message with the exact audience you want to see it. 

All other social media sites also have an ad platform (Its how they make money). Learn one, and the concepts will transfer over to other platforms.

4. Google, Yahoo, Bing & Youtube Ads

Whenever someone types anything on these search engines, you can have your ads show up on the top or right side. 

Very targeted and this traffic converts into leads at a crazy rate. 

Then there are other methods like Blogging, SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing which can allow you to generate traffic. 

So as you can see, there is NO SHORTAGE of traffic in the world. 

If you want quality traffic in massive amounts, you can simply pay and get it the very next day. 

The skill is in CONVERTING that traffic into leads, sales & repeat buyers which will bring in the big money. 

Now here’s the big plan to achieve your goals. 

Let’s say your target goal is to have $10,000 per month. 

The key to reaching this goal is not by selling tons of low cost products like a madman (that would be hardwork and you would most likely flop too). 

What you need is a series of products in an ascension model that you can offer to your audience. 

Like a $50 product that upsells to a $200 product which leads to $1000 product which leads to $5000 product which leads to $10,000+ product and so on.

Always have an upsell should be a key part of your business. 

By the way, the key thing here is that each one of those products are PROVIDING MASSIVE VALUE to the end customer. Your value should be atleast worth double what you are selling the product for.

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You are not selling a bunch of incomplete products to your customers in order to get them to buy more. That’s a quick way to go broke and have your reputation tarnished.

What you are actually doing is selling products which solve a specific problem for your customers and then offering them a much more deeper and more advanced solutions to help them get to their goal FASTER and EASIER.

Some customers will take up your deeper solutions (backend offers) while some won’t. Some people choose the faster and more advanced options (backend offers) while some like to take things slow.

Your goal is to have a solution for ALL of your customers. This will help you maximise your income.

Now let’s say you have products ranging from $50 to $10,000. Some customers will stop at $50 while others stop at $500 while some go all the way to purchase the $10,000 product.

Let’s say you make $500 on average PER customer.

Totally doable.

(Again don’t worry about how you are going to implement it as we are going to explain all the action steps by the end of this bootcamp series).

To hit $10,000 in a month, you just need 20 sales (as each customer is worth $500).

If you are generating 30 leads a day (again doable), you would generate 900 leads in a month.

So convert 1 lead out of every 45 leads (possible numbers), you can bring in 20 sales which means $500 per customer which means $10,000 income for that month.

Do it for every month and you will make this amount every month.

Of course, you will have your advertising costs which you need to subtract from your income but the point is that once you know the formula and have the system to bring in the numbers, you can simply increase your traffic to start hitting…

$10,000 per month PROFITS
$20,000 per month PROFITS
$50,000 per month PROFITS

And so on.

And by the way, I have gone through all these processes and hit all these numbers and today we do $60,000 per month and I am planning to 10X-100X my business.

So what I am teaching you works.

So to recap, here’s the process:

Setup the system.

Generate traffic.

Test and tweak to get it to convert profitably.

Scale up.

Tomorrow we are going to teach you how to test and tweak your system to get it to convert at a crazy rate.

You are going to love that lesson.

As for what products to promote, well that depends and where you're going to set your goals. We highly recommend joining the webclass using the button below to find out what kind of product are available to promote.

So there you go.

Stay turned for our tomorrow’s lesson on how to test and tweak your system to make sales.

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