Make sure yours isn't one of them.

This simple 18 Point WordPress Security Check List tells you where to to look to make sure that:

  • Bots Aren't Gaining Access By Stealing Your Admin Username
  • Brute Force Attacks Aren't Exhaustively Searching For Your Password
  • Your Filing System Is Fenced Off To Stop Unwanted Browsing
  • You Configured All Your Security Plugin Settings

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With over 60 million WordPress users this platform has become a worldwide favourite. Unfortunately, not just with the users, but also the evil doers. According to WordPress' own estimations only 15% of users keep their installations up to date. That leaves over 51 million websites with known WordPress security issues. That's only 1 item on the 18 Point Security Check List that could stop you becoming one of over 37,000 websites that are hacked every single day.

Statistics are useful...but do you really want to become one?

Kev Williamson Kev Williamson
Founder of Online Business Leverage

IMPORTANT: Competently completing your Check List should secure your website against 99.9% of "normal" rogue activity that continually plagues our Internet. However, as wrong-doers are resourceful, we cannot guarantee your WordPress installation will be 100% safe from every kind of attack the bad guys may attempt. You will need to have Administration rights on both your WordPress and cPanel server dashboards to carry out the necessary changes. With over 60 million WordPress users worldwide the platform is increasing coming under persistent attack, and while WordPress do there utmost to keep their code safe the onus is on the end user to secure servers, filing systems, plugin content, and user rights. We hope this information help you to do that.